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The Product Range

Spiral Elevators

  • Elevate products using minimum floor space
  • Gentle handling of the product
  • Up to 6 metres of elevation in a single machine
  • Stainless steel food quality option
  • Long retention time aids product cooling

Vibratory Screens

  • Single or multiple screen decks
  • Screen decks in woven wire, perforated plate, moulded polypropylene or wedge wire panels
  • Option for totally enclosed

Linear Conveyors/Feeders

  • Open trough, enclosed or tubular design
  • Option of bolt-in wear resistant liners and use of stainless steel in the proximity of magnets

Vibratory Conveyors

  • May be open or totally enclosed design
  • Length up to approximately 7 metres
  • Can be arranged horizontally, declined or inclined
Screening conveyor

Screening Conveyors

  • These can incorporate screening panels to separate fines or oversized material
  • Lengths up to approximately 7 metres
Compaction Table

Compaction Tables

  • Packing or compacting of loose materials in cartons or moulds
  • Retractable table option for integration into roller track
Foundry Shakeouts

Foundry Shakeouts

  • Robust construction
  • Renewable grid with apertures to suit
  • Custom design to meet size and load requirements
Special Purpose Machine

Special Purpose Machines

  • We offer bespoke designs for our entire range of equipment to suite specific applications