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Product Overview

Stainless steel spiral elevator, top drive

Stainless steel spiral elevator, top drive

Dynamic Handling Systems Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of vibratory equipment. Our product range includes:

Our equipment can handle a wide range of materials from many industries including recycling, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, foundry and quarrying.

Out-of-balance vibratory motors manufactured to IP65-7 standard drive most of the equipment. These are totally enclosed, virtually maintenance free and hose proof. Explosion proof motors or pneumatic vibrators can be supplied for machines operating in potentially volatile environments. If fine control of small amounts of material is required then electromagnetic drives will be used.

The machines are mounted on compression springs, providing good isolation of the machine from its surroundings. The absence of mechanically moving parts is a major benefit of vibratory equipment keeping maintenance and spared inventory to a minimum.

Manufactured in carbon or stainless steel, our machines can be finished to food and pharmaceutical standards.

Variable control of the throughput can be achieved by adjustment of out of balance weights on the vibrator motors or by means of an invertor.

Vibratory handling provides the opportunity to fulfil process functions such as cooling, heating and coating of products during conveying and elevating. Vibratory elevators provide a long retention time that allows the dissipation of heat from the product to the surroundings. The cooling process can be further enhanced by the introduction of cooling air across or through the product.

All quotations, design and technical documents are produced using modern Computer Aided Design software; we also offer 3D design, something our customers have shown enthusiasm towards. 3D design enables our customers to see more clearly the final product and enables more detailed understanding on how our equipment will ‘fit’ into their planned layouts. This, in conjunction with our innovative approach and established network of machine fabricators and component suppliers, enables us to offer quality machinery for materials handling.